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The Agora Podcast Network is THE place to be for all of your podcast needs; be it history or any other form of knowledge, Agora is where learning lives.

What is Agora?

For millennia the agora was a place where people met to exchange goods and ideas, where they debated and did business. The Agora Podcast Network is proud to carry on this tradition.

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Agora is a marketplace of the mind where intelligent, independent podcasts meet curious and discerning listeners. Agora podcasts offer a rich intellectual banquet for listeners of all tastes and the topics are as diverse as our host’s personalities.

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Our podcasters cumulatively have posted over 15 million downloads, the podcasters who are Agora know how to create must-listen audio. Whether you already have a podcast, or are looking for someone to produce or partner with, Agora can help build your brand and listenership.

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The Agora Podcast Network is dedicated to building a diverse community of intelligent, independent podcasts. To achieve this we are actively seeking new members that are dedicated to their craft and invested in producing the highest quality podcasts possible. If this sounds like your podcast, we would be interested in hearing from you.

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What our listeners say

I recently found this podcast and have been binging to catchup. This is a very entertaining podcast combining English history with references from Monty Python, Douglas Adams, and rush. What’s not to like? Seriously, a very entertaining and educational podcast!

Vasukiv – The History of England podcast

Thanks for starting with John Marshall, a hero to lawyers but virtually unknown to the average American. Really looking forward to learning more about others who have shaped our nation. This is a great way to learn about how the America idea was formed and why. Thom has an excellent presentation style and he keeps the narrative moving, even while including rich detail taken from the recollections of the subject and his peers.

Urbananchorite – American Biography podcast

This is a well-produced and informative podcast. After you listen to each episode, you will know the featured president MUCH more. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

James Early – 10 American Presidents

Agora is a marketplace where talented podcasters and curious listeners meet.

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